ASPIRE Academy 2021

ASPIRE leadership development is an immersive transformational leadership programme run over 10 months and aimed at highly capable leaders looking to develop into director-level positions, or maximise their impact within existing roles.

Run annually since 2017, ASPIRE is shifting slightly by launching the Academy – this not only enables participants from a wider range of organisations, but also offers a forum for ASPIRE alumni to meet, develop and continue their leadership journeys and challenges.

From the first iteration, ASPIRE was run partially in a virtual environment; the content and delivery methods are designed to be stimulating and immersive…all-consuming, not time-consuming, and as such the mix of face-to-face and zoom; group and 1:1 allows for the widest possible range of interactions and depth, whilst minimising travel and venue costs. Covid took our 2019 cohort online, and the 2021 cohort will remain principally in a virtual environment but with opportunities to meet face to face.

What can you expect as outcomes?

By the end of the 10 months, feedback to date is that you will have:

  • A better understanding of your leadership skills, vision, values
  • Understood yourself better psychologically
  • Developed your leadership and management skill
  • Developed your people and teams back at work
  • Been challenged in many and positive ways
  • Access to the ASPIRE library of webinars, modules, alumni etc. to maintain your development and the contribution that ASPIRE makes to your work
  • Created some lasting relationships with ASPIRE peers
  • Enjoyed the experience
  • Been promoted! Anecdotally, about 10% of ASPIRE alumni have gone on to CEO roles or promotions. Does a BEM in birthday honours count as promotion too?

What’s in the programme?
The programme runs in a number of phases, and we look at a number of aspects. ASPIRE is experiential, personal and intense; we use the parallel processes where we don’t just consider the content, frameworks, models and tools, but we also develop through experiencing them as a group.

Confidentiality and the creation of a safe learning environment are also key factors in the success of ASPIRE.

These are the broad headings for the content, maybe familiar and expected – what may be new is that way in which we work with them and the way in which you look for impact and change. ASPIRE is very much more than the sum of the parts, but here are some of the parts.

  • Self awareness
  • Team and organisational development
  • Personal development
  • Leadership and management
  • Relationship skills
  • Influence and leadership skills
  • Developing high performance
  • Employee engagement
  • Strategic thinking

Within these themes are our core content for each, however the final content changes for each cohort as it is driven by a joint-diagnosis process and approach, in order for the ASPIRE programme to meet your specific needs.

ASPIRE Academy 2021
We have 18 places available for the first cohort that will run from October 2021 until July 2022, and a further 18 places available for the next cohort that starts January 2022 until October 2022.

Time commitment
We ask that you are definitely available for the opening module and the final module where the entire cohort will be together (actually together if Covid rules allow).

The other modules are a mix of virtual sessions (which we will record and share if you can’t make it), meetings in your small groups (action learning sets of 5) or 1:1 sessions with your coach – these are much more flexible to arrange.

There will be a module every month, so that we build and maintain momentum. We aim for ASPIRE to be on your mind – all-consuming, not time-consuming, and we do this by meeting little and often.

By being on your mind, you will naturally be consciously and unconsciously aware of how ASPIRE fits with your work, and how to bring your work back into ASPIRE. We want ASPIRE to be 100% relevant to you, to your roles now and in the future.

The cost for the 10-month programme is £3450 per person.

This includes the residential aspect of the programme at Bore Place in Kent for the first and final modules.

Recommendations from the ASPIRE alumni.
We would be delighted to put you in touch with the alumni if you’d like to speak directly with someone; we won’t cherry-pick either so you’re free to choose.

Email if you’d like to talk to one of the previous participants of ASPIRE.