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Are great leaders born or made?

Google has something over 26 million responses to that question, suggesting it’s something that gets asked quite a bit.
We can answer the question very quickly. They are made. There may be a few who look like they were born that way, but they probably just started their development earlier in life.

There’s no need to mystify leadership any further, just because we experience such a wide range of leadership behaviours and capabilities in our life. Good leadership is a skill, and like all skills it can be developed, learned, mastered with the appropriate attention to explicit development opportunities.

Over 10 months we aim to deliver the most effective leadership development programme that we have been able to develop. No dumbing-down, no corner-cutting. We’ve brought our experience from working with blue-chip organisations worldwide to carefully curate a programme that will allow every individual to develop their leadership.

We are a team of people who by profession, education and experience are qualified to create and deliver this programme. The framework includes residential days together, zoom workshops, webinars and 1:1 coaching, and participants will learn from themselves, each other, us, and their teams . However, leadership isn’t just about the leader – leadership isn’t done in a vacuum.
You will also learn about the nature of the people in the teams you LEAD, how you can create great environments, enable high performance, great leaders develop and coach their teams

Even natural born leaders are welcome to apply. Please click the link below to explore more about the 2021 ASPIRE Academy.