ASPIRE 2020 Leadership Programme

ASPIRE has been a huge success for us over the last few years; and successful for the people who we’ve worked with. We’ve seen plenty of promotions, plenty of growth, plenty of lasting relationships built. What started as a programme for the voluntary and community sector in Essex has grown, and we’re ready for the next steps.

Background: 2017 – Essex County Council commissioned us to develop and run a 12-month leadership development programme for leaders in the voluntary and community sector.

2018 and 2019 – Big Society Capital (the UK’s only ¬†social investment sector wholesaler) commissioned us to run 2 12-month programmes for some of their leaders, and some of the leaders from their partner organisations. We then started a third programme (INSPIRE) for the CEOs of the social investment firms in the UK.

2020. The next step – ASPIRE run more as an open programme, spanning the social sector, the voluntary and community secret and the private sector. We’re receiving requests form our alumni asking for programmes for their team, other clients of ours are expressing an interest, and we want to continue to offer places for Big Society Capital and the social investment sector as an alternative to them filling all 20 places on each programme. As an open programme, we know it will offer a new dimension to the group too as relationships are built across the sectors.

What do we need?  We need organisations that currently invest in leadership development to choose to support ASPIRE for some of their leaders, and at the same time additionally invest to support organisations from the social, voluntary and community sectors to participate at a lower cost. Everyone wins; organisations get access to the most evolved leadership development programme in the UK; they also meet some of their CSR needs and commitments; the other sectors access the same leadership development opportunities that the best and most forward thinking organisations access, previous alumni and clients are able to provide the same opportunity to others in their organisation, and Humans Being continues our amazing ASPIRE leadership development journey.

If you have a leadership development budget, if you have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) budget and would like to maximise its impact – please get in touch.