Concepts and thinking

Our work is fueled by our own thinking, and by building on the work of leading (both contemporary and, er, deceased) consultants, authors and academics.

Some key ones:

  • The human response to change; Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • The change equation (Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher)
  • Characteristics of Group Climate (Jack Gibb)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Isabel Briggs Myers)
  • The Trust Equation (Maister, D. (n.d.). The Trusted Advisor.)
  • Sustained High Performance (Sir John Whitmore)
  • Fast Cycle Business Intimacy (Keith Humphrey)
  • Heron Intervention Model (John Heron)
  • Influence Behavioural Models (various; Sheppard Moscow, R Mugglestone, SMS Inc)
  • Support and Challenge