To do, or to be?

I missed Chris Evan’s Radio 2 breakfast show today but heard a comment about his “Pause for Thought” slot; the speaker posed a question about our “to do” lists and asking what we would write if they were “to be” lists.

This resonated with me, especially as our company name is a hint towards us spending more time “being” instead of “doing”.  We are, I suppose, the sum of our actions, and as such what we “do” is critical, especially as the cumulative effect of our actions paints the picture of our life.

So, I’ve tried to re-write my to-do list today; (I’ve kept the old one just in case!) and started to think about why I’m trying to do all the actions…are they all aligned and taking me in a direction that I want to be?  I also noticed that there’s rather a lot on there, and as such I could be better focused by shortening the list to the things that I will actually be doing. The rest of the list that is just things I don’t want to forget, or will do when I get time, can go n another list.  I’m going to re-name the headings and aim to have “being” titles rather than “doing” titles.

First step; instead of having an action under the “website” heading to write a blog post (which I’ve managed to ignore for a week), I’ve renamed the section “thinking and writing” and I’ve written this piece…