1+1 = more than 2?


We know about Sir David Brailsford’s “incremental gains” approach to development – improving 100 things by 1% instead of trying to improve one thing by 100%.

But 100 things…that’s a lot to focus on…how do we know where to start?  Is there an optimum order for the 100 things?

Does it matter if I do 5 a week for 20 weeks, or more at the end, or more at the beginning?

What if changing the sequence, or the timing had an impact on development?  This would mean that it’s not just about incremental gains, but which gains, in which order, and how long to spend on each. The result could be that 2 people developing identical skills, looking at the same 100 things could see a performance differential between them. Isn’t that the holy grail of performance development?

Research currently being carried out hopes to answer these questions; or at least start to answer the questions.

The research is titled “Topical sequencing and spaced practice – their impact on task performance, motivation and learning” and is essentially asking whether the order in which we develop aspects, and the timing of the development have an impact on the overall development.

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